PhotoS 4.0

web based digital photo manager

PhotoS is a very useful tool for all of us, if we want to create an artistic line art from our existing images. Therefore, by using PhotoS we can convert our old fashioned image collection into an artistic line art collection which can be used on the websites. The interface of the software is very easy-to-use but it is not impressive or attractive. Here we can find the option to adjust the width of the line in the line art drawing.
Any digital image that we have can now be easily converted into a fine line image, thanks to this tool. The accurate sketching option makes this stand alone application totally unique. After creating line art drawings we can improve and enhance them by adding our own colors through a painting tool. There are two sliders present in the tool: one is to change the contrast of the drawing and the other one is to capture the level of detail from the picture.
All we need to do is load the photo, and click the button, that’s it, and we get a fine line drawing within seconds. The images created with this tool can be compressed and made transparent which can be used for various purposes. Here we also have an option to save the output in vector format along with the more conventional bitmap, jpeg, gif, dxf etc types. A wonderful tool for illustrating books, making sketches, and making admirable templates for woodcarving and embroidery works.

Manoj Goel
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  • Compatible with Windows 98/XP/Vista
  • Simple and safe installation in your PC
  • Reasonably priced
  • Output can be saved in various formats


  • Cannot create fluid or watermark photos
  • No color drawings possible
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